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Assist Services


CardExchange® Product Training

Boost Your Productivity and Efficiency!

With our training services we help you cut time in your users learning process and get your product launched in your organization quickly and effectively. Maximize the training to ensure that you are able to run CardExchange® products in the most efficient manner while no feature that can benefit you is missed. Let us help you get your users increase productivity by becoming an expert on the product from the start!

SKU: CA3020
Training Producer GO Edition

$200.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3030
Training Producer Premium Edition

$300.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3060
Training Producer Business Edition

$500.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3070
Training Producer Enterprise Edition

$600.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3120
Training Visitor Enter Edition

$200.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3130
Training Visitor Standard Edition

$300.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3150
Training Visitor Business Edition

$400.00 USD

- +
SKU: CA3160
Training Visitor KIOSK Edition

$200.00 USD

- +

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