ID Card Creation and Production Software

CardExchange® Producer ID card production software gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for you and your organization. Within a few steps CardExchange® Producer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce Cards!

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Meet CardExchange Producer Version 10

We can honestly say we are really proud of our Producer software.  CardExchange® Producer is one of the most successful ID card software products on the market. We have five different editions that take you from an entry level solution to our Enterprise edition that gives you unparalleled features.

With features such as connecting your card to unlimited databases to sophisticated contactless encoding applications, we have it all. Need biometric record lookup? We have it. Need to control what every user can see and do? We have it. Want to run on a network spread over the world? We can do it.  Need a special device supported that is not currenly supported? We can add it with our professional development services*.

Our customers include nuclear plants, banks, universities, airports, hospitals, and more. 

Within a few steps CardExchange® Producer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce cards! Create your own cards from scratch or use one of our several preloaded card designs, your card will look fantastic!

With our drag and drop feature, you can easily add database fields to your card layout without the complicated need for manual mapping of each field. And there you have it: a beautifully designed, fresh, high-quality card created in minutes!


* Please note: professional services are fee based. 

Limitations Unknow

Create a unique experience for each user. With the powerful user profile feature, you can customize permissions of what each user can see and do when they login to CardExchange® Producer.

For customizing your card, CardExchange® Producer can automatically adapt your data with our scripting feature.

Each card can have its own database settings. You can also connect to multiple databases which enables you to make sure that all connected databases are updated in one step, at the moment you print your card.

All possibilities made just for you.

Do-It-Yourself Design

Create your own design from a blank canvas or use one of our preloaded cards. CardExchange® Producer lets you bring your creative side to life when creating your card.

Choose fonts and add images, graphics, barcodes, magnetic strip, and much more. Powerful graphic tools let you resize and rotate objects on your card, apply graphic enhancements, remove backgrounds from images, create variable images, all with a simple point and click. You can even control the text: how it looks, merge fields, and even have an image displayed as a background in your text field.

Move everything around the layout with WYSIWYG feature until you see the card you envision.

Manage One Location

With our CardExchange® Producer Business and Enterprise editions we offer centralized data and license management. You can store all your card layouts, database connections, printer settings, and more in one location. Efficient, simple, and adaptable for every user need.

Having shared data enables all users to have current information and adopts the ‘Update One = Update All technique.

With centralized data you can rest easy knowing everything you create is protected with your normal backup policies. No extra effort is needed!

Printing Done Your Way

Whether you print to a local computer or you print to a print farm at one central location, CardExchange® Producer Business and Enterprise gives you control of all your print jobs. Users can print with ease from any location on the network.

Large print jobs with multiple printers can be managed with ease using our optional Print Dispatcher module that enables you to: have load balancing of print jobs; redirect print jobs if there is a printer problem to another printer; confirmation of completed print jobs; card encoding management; and more.

No more slowing down your system with large print jobs, CardExchange® Print Dispatcher manages all the print jobs from one location freeing up your programs to move to the next task.

Secure Contactless Encoding

When it comes to inline encoding, CardExchange® Producer has multiple features and functioinality to program your card. With an easy-to-use wizard, CardExchange® Producer enables you to produce contactless cards in just a few steps.

From MIFARE® Classic to MIFARE® DESFire EV1 we have the right solution for you!

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