ID Card Creation and Production Software

CardExchange® Producer ID card production software gives you all the tools you need to create the perfect card for you and your organization. Within a few steps CardExchange® Producer makes it easy to Create, Connect, Encode, and Produce Cards!

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(6) Network Version Upgrades

Version upgrades, also known as major upgrades, not only bring new powerful functionality, it is also brings support for updated operating systems and frameworks. Upgrades like these are major as they always involve more work for upgrading. If you want to make sure that you are always running the latest and greates, we stronly advice to purchase a support contract with your product. This will ensure you are always updated.

We currently offer upgrades from CardExchange® Producer version 9 to the current version 10. As Microsoft had stopped supporting Windows XP already a long time ago, our new version 10 is not supporting Windows XP and Vista anymore. If you have any questions about upgrading the latest version please do not hesitate to contact our sales and/or support department.

Producer Ultimate (SBS) v9 to Enterprise v10 (Client)

Version 9 to 10

Client to Client

$375.00 USD

Producer Print Server v9 to v10 Upgrade

Version 9 to 10

Network Print Server

$50.00 USD

Producer Printer Dispatcher v9 to v10 Upgrade

Version 9 to 10

Network Print Server

$245.00 USD

Producer Master (SBS) v9 to Business Edition v10 (Master)

Version 9 to 10

Master to Master

$795.00 USD

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