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Set a new standard...with our Standard Edition! Combining the features of our Enter Edition, our Standard Edition enables you to capture more visitor data, more controls on entry protocols, and more. Rich in many more features, the Standard Edition will not disappoint!

Features include the ability to customized field labels so your visitor records capture the exact data you need. Make registration process accurate and quick process by scanning credentials such as business card, drivers license, passport, etc. Simply use an ID scanner to scan your visitor’s identification document and watch CardExchange® automatically populate your visitor record in just one click.

Ensure visitors do not overextend their stay by setting badge expiration date and times. Quickly register visitor groups for an event and perform group check-in and check-out. Make sure vehicles for visitors are identified by recording the license plate of the vehicle with the visitor record.

Run on-demand reports for visitor information such as frequent visitors, pre-registered visitors, visitor history, and more. Taking control and managing your visitors has never been easier!

All Enter Edition Features Plus

  • Create Events & Groups
  • Pre-Event Registration
  • 2D Barcodes
  • Badge Expiration Date
  • Define Meeting Host(s)
  • Create Login Profiles & Permissions
  • Customize Field Labels
  • ID Scan Record Lookup/Store
  • Import/Export Database Records

Local License

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, Windows 10
  • Operatings systems running at 32 bit and 64 bi
  • Internet Explorer 6 or highe
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6
  • Dual Core Processor
  • 1024 MB internal memory (advice 32 bit OS)
  • 2048 MB internal memory (advice 64 bit OS)
  • 200 MB free disk space
  • Internet connection (license activation)

CardExchange® Visitor Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited Visitor Registrations
  • Check In, Check Out Visitors
  • Returning Visitor Lookup
  • Visitor Blacklist Option
  • Visitor Vehicle Registration
  • Pre-Visitor Registrations
  • Pre-Event Registrations
  • Categorize Visitors
  • Categorize Events
  • Batch Check In, Check Out
  • Single and Double Sided Printing
  • UV Panel Printing
  • Batch Printing
  • Image Tools Editor
  • DirectShow and Twain Support
  • Visitor Auto Check Out
  • Set Badge Expiration
  • Setup Lobbies
  • Setup Departments
  • Setup Companies
  • Meeting Locations, Resources
  • Check In Email
  • Dedicated Kiosk Clients
  • Reception Mode
  • Import and Export Database
  • Login Feature
  • Producer ID Badge Printing
  • Photos and Signatures
  • ID Scan and Biometric Support
  • Report and Log Features

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