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Self-Service ID Management Portal for Desktop and Mobile!

Easily activate and manage your ID, report it lost or stolen, request a new one, or use as Digital ID. This all at your fingertips with CardExchange® Stand.

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Introducing CardExchange® Stand

An efficient enrollment process cannot be without mobile integrations. Introducing the CardExchange® Stand that works in conjunction with our CardExchange® Controller CMS, we offer a self-service portal providing your users with quick and easy access their account using a phone, a tablet, or a desktop computer.

Allowing the users to verify their personal details, upload their photo, and manage their ID status improves security and prevents unwanted activity. In full enrollment including fullfillment, your users can easily active their ID when received, without making the trip to a service desk for activation. During the high volumne enrollments in for example Universities, the Stand offers the most effective solution to smoothen your enrollment process by including your users and make them a part of the system.

NOTE: A Controller CMS subscription is needed to subscribe and use this application.


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Self Service


Real Time Data




Edit Details




Any Device


Self-Service Portal

Providing your users a quick and easy way to access their account to verify their personal details, upload their photo, and manage their ID status improves security and prevents unwanted activity. Easy activate your ID, report it lost or stolen, and request a new ID, it is all at the tip of your fingers with the Stand.

Real-Time Data

The ID status functionality adds an additional level of security as ID cards can be produced and distributed before they are activated. Only when the card is received by the cardholder, can the cardholder activate the card. This ensures the card is activated and used by the correct person.

Photo Capture and History

Eliminate the need for expensive photographers and on-site photo capture stations. The photo upload function streamlines the acquisition of ID holder photos by allowing them to upload their photo off-site. Photos are quickly and easily taken using a smartphone or webcam and uploaded for approval, reducing queues and the number of staff normally required to manage this process. Administrators can retain photo history for added security allowing administrators to check that the cardholder is whom they say they are.

Track and Report Card Status

Requested a new card, with the Stand you can instantly check the status of your ID at any time. It offers enhance security by allowing a user to automatically block their card should it become lost or stolen, reporting it instantly to the Controller CMS back-office systems to secure no unauthorized use of the ID.

Use Any Device

The Stand is build on the latest technology supporting flexible development of fast web and mobile applications, Angular. Use any device like your mobile, tablet, or deskop to access the cloud portal.

Automatic Account Creation

Once you add a person to the Controller CMS, the person automatically receives an email, with a login account and instructions, so he or she can directly login and have access.

Users can directly update and verify all their account details enabling administrators to make sure they have the highest data integrity and reducing wasted time and wasted processes.

Controller CMS Overview
The Stand
Starting From $10 per month

Cut the lines by including our powerful self-service portal and make your students and employees a part of your system!

CardExchange® Stand Feature Highlights

  • Self-Service Portal
  • View Card Holder Details
  • Capture and Update Photo
  • View Card Production Status
  • Activate New Card
  • Block Lost Card
  • Re-activate Found Card
  • Order New Card
  • Smartphone Compatible
  • Tablet Compatible
  • PC Compatible
  • Multiple Language Support

Customer Login

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